Location of the Land

Land Location closer map.png

The red star shows the location of the land

Dimensions of the Land

The land dimensions are:

   42.5 meters of cement road access

   164 meters long (both sides)

   60.7 meters of river inlet access & mangroves

Buffalo Baym Phayam  6 rai land dimensions.jpg

The land has a gentle slope from the cement road down to the mystical mangroves at the river inlet.

There are three ways to access the property:

a) by bridge from Buffalo Bay passing the Moken Sea Gypsy Village. A new bridge has been authorised to be built in 2022.

b) by road from Aow Yai (Long) Beach. One part of this road is dirt but a cement road is expected to be completed by 2023.

c) by boat (but no boat jetty)